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History of the Saxonville Hotel


Saxonville alternative logoThe Saxonville Hotel has an interesting history, having both literary and maritime connections.

William Storm Jameson was master of the Saxon Prince (1899 – 1916), first steamer of the prestigious Prince Line. It was this ship that gave the hotel its name.

His daughter, Margaret Storm Jameson, Hon.D.Litt, was a distinguished novelist. The Jameson family lived in one of the four houses, which now make up the Saxonville Hotel, until 1919.

Bearded sailor sketchThe Hotel is owned and has been personally run by three generations of the Newton family since 1946, when Raymond and Brenda Newton bought No 1 Ladysmith Avenue and opened Saxonville Hotel.

After major refurbishment and investment over the years, Saxonville Hotel achieved its current 3 star status in 2001.

There is always a member of the family available to ensure your stay is comfortable and enjoyable.

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Saxonville wins Hotel of the Year Award

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